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Timpanogos Hiking Co.

HikeFlex™ Knee and Leg Compression Sleeve

HikeFlex™ Knee and Leg Compression Sleeve

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The #1 knee and leg compression sleeve for hiking. 

Hiking is amazing .... unless you're in pain. 

Few things take away from the experience more than your knees and legs aching, swelling, and no longer functioning at their peak. 

Exclusive to Timpanogos Hiking Co., the HikeFlex™ Knee and Leg Compression Sleeve is a godsend -- providing optimal support where you need it most.

Get back to the performance, agility, and mobility you need to continue doing what you love. 

runner hiker wearing HikeFlex knee and leg compression sleeve

Top 10 Features of the HikeFlex™ Knee and Leg Compression Sleeve

    1. Made with moisture wicking, knitted fabric, providing optimal comfort, breathability, and style
    2. Uses 3D elastic compression and anti-slip technology
    3. Relieves swollen and painful knees
    4. Makes you feel more agile and springy in your joints
    5. Promotes healthy blood circulation and oxygen flow
    6. Offers muscle support during hikes and other workouts, including running, cycling, tennis, and basketball
    7. Hugs your legs, keeping them warm in the colder seasons
    8. Can be worn both visibly with shorts or discretely under pants or joggers
    9. Highly effective for those dealing with arthritis, tendonitis, swelling, meniscus tear, strains, sprains, calf cramps and recovery after surgery 
    10. Looks awesome, like you could be dodging bullets in The Matrix
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