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Timpanogos Hiking Co.

Vintage Timp Badge (2022)

Vintage Timp Badge (2022)

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We're bringing Timp Badges back!

Commemorative Timp Badges were first handed out in 1930 to those who made it to the top of Mount Timpanogos. Back then the hike often took about three days. Around 500 badges were awarded the first year, including to several women who made it to the top in dresses!

The tradition continued for decades. Sadly, it ended in 1971, the final year of the Annual Timp Hike. 

To revitalize the tradition, we are offering exclusive Timp Badges here in our store to purchase.


You can get one for FREE  .....

But here's the catch: 

1) You need to make it to the summit the year of the badge.

2) You need to post a picture of you on the summit on social media, tag us, and include this line: "Timp Badges are back and I got one!" [or something like that]

3) Email us at so we can work coordinate shipping. 

That's it.

These hand-made, embroidered badges are for summiters only and can be applied to jackets, backpacks, shirts, etc. We're really excited about bringing back this tradition.

A unique commemorative patch will be made each year.

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