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  • We are currently recording episodes for our highly-anticipated Escape the Noise Podcast. The podcast is hosted by Silicon Slopes and will be released in audio and video in late May/early June. Check this space for updates!

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  • Our Escape the Noise Blog features articles on all things hiking and mental health. Check it out here!

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Our Story From Five Angles

The Origin Story - Our founder has a wild story. From living on an island in Micronesia, to writing a bestselling book on Michael Jackson, to working with filmmaker Spike Lee, to meeting President Barack Obama, to getting a PhD in literature and becoming a tenured professor, to leaving that life behind to launch an outdoor brand in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.... learn more about Joe Vogel.

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The Underdog Story - Who doesn't love an underdog story? Timpanogos Hiking Co. started in a basement and got its footing as an outdoor brand with no previous business experience and no financial backing. The leap was inspired in part by the the movie, Field of Dreams. Timpanogos has generated nearly half a million dollars in revenue in its first two years in business.

The Summit Badge Story - In 2023, Timpanogos brought back a beloved old tradition: awarding people Timp Badges for summiting to the top of Mount Timpanogos. It was the first time badges were handed out in over fifty years and became a huge hit! In 2024, the tradition was expanded to nine other peaks, kicking off the inaugural Ten Peak Challenge.

The Mental Health Story - Our slogan is well-known among our followers: escape the noise. In an increasingly stressful, screen-saturated world, we believe hiking does wonders for the body, mind, and soul and is needed now more than ever. Championing mental health is central to everything we do. Let's talk about it!

The Goat Story - Our official mascot and spirit animal is the mountain goat. Some assume this is a claim to greatness, but in fact it was inspired by the mountain goats up near the top of Mount Timpanogos. If you've been dying to do a goat story, we've got you covered.

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Timpanogos Hiking Co. is thrilled to announce the addition of nine new peaks to our Summit Badge challenge!

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