Our Story

We are a mission-driven brand founded in the Wasatch mountains of Utah.

Our Why

Timpanogos Hiking Co. was established in 2022 when founder Joseph Vogel decided to leave his life as a tenured professor in Massachusetts and launch an outdoor apparel company focused on mental health, community, and analog experiences in his home state of Utah.

Our motto: escape the noise.

In an increasingly stressful, superficial, screen-dominated world, Timpanogos Hiking Co. is inspiring people to get outdoors and experience the beauty and rejuvenating energy of nature.

Timpanogos has a loyal, growing customer base from all 50 states and has quickly become one of the hottest outdoor apparel brands in America.

Our Founder

"One thing hiking reminds you is to embrace the friction. We are not intended to live a tepid, passive, sedentary existence. We are not resigned to lives of quiet desperation.

We live in an age of convenience but too much convenience leads to atrophy.

We’re supposed to move and sweat and ache and struggle and strive.

Society has sold us so many illusions. So many shortcuts and drugs and distractions.

But we still have a choice.

I chose the mountains. I chose to build something. I chose to be close to the things and people I care about the most."

- Joe Vogel

Founder & CEO

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