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Welcome to Timpanogos Hiking Co.

We are an independent outdoor apparel brand based just beneath the Wasatch Mountain Range, named after the majestic Mount Timpanogos.

Our slogan: escape the noise. We believe hiking and being out in nature offers something people need now more than ever -- especially in the midst of a mental health epidemic. Read founder Joseph Vogel's personal story here.

Timpanogos Hiking Co.® has loyal customers from all 50 states and has quickly become one of the hottest outdoor apparel brands in America.

Thanks for dropping by! If there's anything we can help you with just send us a message at info@timpanogoshiking.com!

Check out our bestsellers!

Vintage hoodies. Unique graphic tees. Timpanogos tumblers. Patch hats.

Vintage Mountain Blend Hoodies

Step up your hoodie game with our trendy, vintage, pigment-dyed hoodies. The washed-out look is... 


Leather patch hats. Richardsons. Embroidered Flexfits. Dad hats.  You want find these designs...