Our Story

Who are we?

We are an independent outdoor apparel company best known for our hiking-inspired graphic tees and hoodies. 

Where are we based?

We are based in Downtown Provo, Utah, just beneath Mount Timpanogos and the surrounding Wasatch Front. (252 N. University Ave.)

How did we get started?

Timpanogos Hiking Co. officially launched in the summer of 2022.

It was personal from the beginning. 

As Timp Hiking founder/owner Joseph Vogel put it:

I’d been away [from home] for almost fifteen years, [pursuing my career] in New York and Boston. Both of my parents almost died [during the pandemic]. I missed my family and friends. I realized you only have so much time with the people you love. I started to also just feel this magnetic pull back to the landscape I grew up in. I missed the mountains especially. That was the inspiration for Timpanogos Hiking Co. — it was a coming home, I guess. And I saw the business as serving a similar purpose for others. I’ve talked to so many people who have gone through difficult times and getting away from the noise, getting outside and moving and sweating and smelling the trees and seeing wildflowers and waterfalls and rivers — there’s something very centering about it.

Our goal to start was pretty simple: 1) we wanted comfortable, quality apparel with original designs you wouldn't be able to find at chain stores or malls and 2) we wanted those designs to reflect our inspirations: Mount Timpanogos, the 11,753-foot crown jewel of Utah's majestic Wasatch Range, as well as hiking and the outdoors more generally. 

Since Utah has become a mecca of sorts for its Mighty 5 National Parks, we also wanted to highlight those parks and others in the Mountain West region with our new National Parks Collection.

We could not be more encouraged and excited by the response so far. Within a few short months, we passed our first one thousand customers. We've now had customers from every state in America!

Our brand is national, but we are rooted in the Wasatch Mountains and feel a deep connection to the local landscape.

We're still very much in the startup, indy, DIY phase, but we are building a great team and a loyal customer base and are excited for what's on the horizon.

So thanks for dropping by and supporting a small, independent business! We hope you love whatever you find here. 

For more about us, read Voyage Utah Magazine's interview with Timp Hiking founder/owner Joseph Vogel.

Oh, and we love to see pictures of Timp Hiking stuff "out in the wild" so feel free to post and tag us.